The Way Barbra Was

Barbra Streisand is revisiting what is arguably her best dramatic role, that of Katie in the 1973 romance, “The Way We Were.” In it, Babs played the bleeding heart liberal Jewish activist to Robert Redford’s politically apathetic WASP. For years, producer Ray Stark and director Sydney Pollack toyed with the idea of doing a sequel — the movie was a major box-office hit — but the idea never came to fruition. Now, as part of the silver anniversary of the film, Streisand, who avoids interviews the way Katharine Hepburn used to at the peak of her career, agreed to sit down and talk about the movie. She and Redford will also be seen in some rare outtakes from the film, which lost a chunk of its footage when initial preview audiences yawned their way through some political scenes. These goodies will be available when the film is re-released in a new video package.

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