The Water Bowl: Central Park Zoo Polar Bear Dies

These stories are worth a click

Photo: Mary Schwalm/AP

These stories are worth a click:

Ida, a 25-year-old polar bear at the Central Park Zoo, was euthanized after suffering from liver disease. The zoo’s other polar bear, Gus, is now alone at 25 years old. –City Room

An amateur video supposedly shot near the Fukushima zone in Japan shows a rabbit born without ears. It is sparking fears that radiation levels are high enough to cause mutations in human babies. –RussiaToday

Stranded pilot whales are being cared for by mass numbers of volunteers and researchers in Key Largo, Fla., who help to stabilize then move the mammals back to deeper waters. –New York Times

“Jellyfish are the most ancient multiorgan animal on earth,” says jellyfish expert David J. Albert, yet the species is largely misunderstood. –New York Times

A 12-year-old dog who cannot use his back legs had his wheelchair stolen on Sunday. A new wheelchair has been donated to the Belgian Malinois. –

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