'The View' 's Joy Behar May Finally Marry Boyfriend

After 26 years together, the comedian says she's been talking about tying the knot with Steve Janowitz

Photo: Mat Szwajkos/Getty

Joy Behar’s unmarried days may soon be over.

The 66-year-old View co-host says she’s considering getting married to her longtime boyfriend, Steve Janowitz.

“I have been with a guy for 26-and-a-half years,” the comedian said on Barbara Walters’s SIRIUS XM Radio show Tuesday. Asked if they have talked about marriage, Behar answered, “Yes.”

The reason behind the move to tie the knot, she said, is mostly practical. “Somebody that I know lost her partner. They were gay women. And the partner was in the hospital, and she had to pretend that she was her sister in order to really deal with stuff, ” said Behar. “I don t want that to happen to us and I also just feel that I want to.”

As for how the wedding might come together, Walters told Behar, “I could give you the wedding.” A stunned Behar responded, “really?”

“How many people do you want?” Walters asked to which Behar quipped, “I don’t know. How many can you afford?”

In the end, Walters suggested having the wedding at her house. And Behar said she’d make sure her boss gets the scoop on the story. “What I would like to do on The View is announce it after I do it if you don’t mind,” she said.

If she does make it official, the marriage would be Behar’s second. She has a daughter with her first husband.

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