The video stars virtuoso tap dancer Sarah Reich

By Alex Heigl
Updated December 30, 2015 11:15 AM

Was there a Darth Bojangles?

Postmodern Jukebox, the YouTube collective known for its old-timey reconfigurations of modern hits, is taking on Star Wars. And the group is doing it with tap dance.

With the help of virtuosic dancer Sarah Reich, they swing their way through a medley of classic Star Wars themes.

Bassist Adam Kubota gets the lion’s share of attention at first, but the real stars, of course, are Reich’s feet, which pound out rhythms we’d be hard-pressed to handle between both of our feet and our hands and probably also your hands.

Also, drummer Aaron McLendon’s lightsaber drumsticks? Just top-notch.

PoMoJuBo (that’s a nickname we just invented and are deeply ashamed of) are currently on an extensive tour. Check out dates here.