April 10, 2002 12:22 PM

The line to see “Star Wars: Episode II — Attack of the Clones” began forming Tuesday, reports ABCNEWS.com. Determined fan Jason “Grimlock” Thomas, 27, of Los Angeles is already camped outside Grauman’s Chinese Theater on Hollywood Boulevard (where the original “Star Wars” opened in Southern California in May of 1977, when Thomas was two years old). “I hear the jokes,” Thomas told ABCNEWS.com. “I hear people say, ‘Do you ever shower?'” And Thomas isn’t the only fanatic living outside the Hollywood landmark, awaiting the premiere of “Clones” on May 16. About 60 others are already calling the makeshift campsite home. There’s a clubby atmosphere, suggests ABCNEWS.com, with a canopy to provide shelter and fellow fans holding one another’s spots during naps and bathroom breaks. “At night, you’ll see some real strange dudes,” Thomas said. “The police know us from three years ago, when we waited for the last ‘Star Wars’ movie.” Thomas, who works in retail for an electronics concern, said, “Most of us are local. In the last weeks (before the movie’s opening), many of us will take vacation time, so that we can do more waiting as the tension builds.” Still, the L.A. contingent is comprised of neophytes compared to what’s going on up in Seattle, says ABCNEWS.com. The fanatics in that rain-soaked city to the north — planning to set a Guinness Book record — have been waiting outside a theater for more than 100 days. Now that’s a lot of bathroom breaks.

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