The Simpsons Go Postal

New stamps honor Bart and his family on their show's 20th anniversary

Bart Simpson is finally going to get that lickin’ he so richly deserves. He and the rest of his fun and dysfunctional family will be paid tribute by the U.S. Postal Service – you read that right – which is rolling out five 44-cent stamps, in honor of primetime’s longest-running comedy’s 2009 20th anniversary.

“The Simpsons are American icons, quite frankly,” the Postal Services’ spokesman, Mark Saunders, said in a statement on behalf of Bart’s relatives: father Homer, mother Marge, and sisters Lisa and Maggie. “We’re excited about it, and we think America will be, too. It’s a great opportunity for us to reach a new generation of stamp enthusiasts.”

The cartoon’s creator, Matt Groening, has rendered the artwork for the Simpson stamps, to be previewed April 9. In all, the Postal Service annually receives more than 50,000 suggestions for its special stamp of approval, but issues only 20.
Stephen M. Silverman

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