The Sexiest Geek Alive

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattering, we hope. “Every year,” claimed the organizers of last night’s inaugural Sexiest Geek Alive contest in Austin, Texas, “PEOPLE Magazine puts the smiling face of some movie star on its front cover for the Sexiest Man Alive issue. Bestowing such an honor on celebrities ignores the fact that the geeks have now inherited the Earth.” So, with 12 finalists narrowed down from a geek pool of 18,000 applicants — all of whom worked for high-tech companies and passed a rigorous geek test that included their knowledge of “Star Trek” trivia — the SGA winner for 2000 is Tony Northrup, 26, a programmer from Watertown, Mass. Northrup, accompanied onstage last night at Austin’s Babe’s Bar by members of the Texas Bikini Team, announced to the SRO crowd of 400 spectators: “I want to make geeks proud, and jocks jealous. I want to show the world that even if you can’t get a date or throw a football, you can still be a success.” Getting personal, Northrup admitted, “I’m such a geek, I didn’t lose my virginity until I was 21.” As winner he takes home nothing — the contest provided no prize other than the title — but he still has this advice for future geeks: “Hang in there. You’ll grow into it.” Northrup’s 15 minutes of fame have started. Today on “Good Morning America,” he promoted the upcoming Sexy Geek calendar — due in November.

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