Separate rooms and a marriage never consummated. That, in a nutshell, sums up the honeymoon of the nation’s most visible couple, says purported multimillionaire groom Rick Rockwell, who bared his soul on “Dateline NBC” last night. Rockwell, a former B-movie actor and comic whose past is shaded by an ex-fiancé who claims that he hit her and threatened her life, married nurse Darva Conger on the air as millions watched the Feb. 15 Fox special “Who Wants to Marry a Multimillionaire?” Describing himself as a “romantic” who still believes in the institution of marriage, Rockwell told “Dateline” that he and Conger slept in separate rooms for all but one night of their Caribbean honeymoon and there was no sex involved. Since then, they have each retreated to their separate — and modest — California homes. “She went back with her mom,” said Rockwell, who frequently bit his lip throughout the interview. He noted that both he and Conger signed a prenuptial agreement that said they could annul the marriage. He conceded that this would probably be the case.

  • Wednesday on “Good Morning America,” Darva Conger said of her appearance on the bride-giveaway TV program, “I don’t think I was thinking clearly.” And of stepping into a marriage with a total stranger: “I committed an error in judgment.” A Fox spokesperson, meanwhile, said Conger received — and will keep — prizes worth a total of $100,000: the honeymoon, a $35,000 engagement ring and an Isuzu Trooper.