The Petty Girl's Guide to Post-Breakup Revenge Instagram

Photo: Source: Beyonce/YouTube

If your relationship just ended and you’re angry about it but too lazy to get a revenge body, we would like to recommend Revenge Instagram.

Revenge Instagram is living your best life for you duh! because it’s about you and no one else. But it’s also sort of about your ex seeing how much better your life is now that he’s not a part of it.

Here are some steps you can take to make your Instagram as vengeful as ever.

1. Post pictures of your new boyfriend.

That’s right. You found one already.

2. Post pictures of your other new boyfriend.

He may be Just a Friend, but your social media following need not know that.

3. Eat delicious pasta and make sure you’re vocal about it.

He’ll feel awful.

4. Get dating advice from Chris Harrison.

Or date Chris Harrison. Either option puts you on top.

5. Post pictures of yourself at the clubs or, really, any high-end function.

Fine furs optional but preferred.

6. Have your best friends over to eat Taco Bell for breakfast.

He’ll be all, “Where’s my invite?”


7. Infiltrate Rick Ross’ inner circle.

“I shouldn’t have treated her so poorly,” your ex will say as he scrolls past the picture of you getting cozy with one of the nicest men in hip-hop.

8. Go ‘head, girl. Be a thirst trap.

Boy byeeeee.

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