"We talk about it often but haven't decided on location, when, etc." the former Bachelorette said in an interview
Credit: Ari Michelson

JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers‘ wedding planning is well underway, and the Bachelorette alum has now revealed the one thing she and her fiancé have deemed “crucial” for their big day.

Although all final details of the wedding have yet to decided, one thing is confirmed to be present at the reception: food from the couple’s favorite restaurant chain, Chipotle.

Asked what she regards as essential for her fairy tale day, the former Bachelorette star told Womanista, “I am big on floral arrangements — but also, and this is crucial, a late-night Chipotle mini burrito bar for guests as they are leaving.”

The couple, who have nestled into their shared home in Dallas since meeting and falling in love on the reality series, is enjoying their engagement season all while discovering what their “new normal” is.

“We talk about it often but haven’t decided on location, when, etc.,” the 26-year-old said of their future nuptials, but added, “To be honest, we love this period right now where we get to be stress free and actually date and be with each other in a more normal setting, so we have just been soaking that in!”

Since it was revealed to audiences on the season 12 finale of The Bachelorette that the SEC nation host and real estate development professional got engaged, the couple have been enjoying numerous dates at Chipotle that they’ve documented on their social media accounts, including a day of furniture shopping in August that included a trip to the Mexican fast food restaurant.

Fletcher has not been shy about publicly expressing her love for the restaurant chain. In a PEOPLE exclusive blog, the ABC starlet wrote in July about visiting Chipotle during her hometown date with Chase. “So, since this hometown didn’t start until the next day, I had to fill my evening with something I knew would bring complete joy to my heart … Chipotle! It was the best meal I’d had in WEEKS. Are ya’ll tired of hearing me talk about Chipotle yet? Okay, moving on! Colorado!”