Media stars Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, both 14, are launching their own bimonthly lifestyle magazine, which they plan to have hit newsstands next March. Aimed at young women called “tweens” (between Barbie and dating, said a spokesperson), “Mary-Kate and Ashley,” will deliver articles on fashion and beauty and, well, living. “It’s not going to be a fan magazine. It’s going to be a real magazine,” Dualstar president Robert Thorne, who manages the business for the Olsens (including books, videos, dolls and an upcoming apparel line at Wal-Mart), told Reuters on Thursday. Set to sell for $5.95 per copy, the magazine’s first cover will reportedly feature the twins, who first rose to national prominence on the sitcom “Full House,” though as the publication continues the editors hope to place other stars on the front of the book.