September 28, 2006 04:30 PM

Most of the women watching The Bachelor‘s newest catch would not be his type: “I want someone who doesn t sit at home watching TV,” the newest reality hunk, Lorenzo Borghese, tells PEOPLE.

So what is the 34-year-old Manhattan-based cosmetics executive (and founder of the Royal Treatment Pet Spa) looking for?

“An active girl – and someone who will be with me for the right reasons and not because I’m an Italian prince,” says Borghese whose New York City-based parents are Prince Francesco and Princess Amanda Borghese. (The family’s title was bestowed by a 17th-century pope.)

Still, dating royalty has its privileges. Borghese, who was born in Milan but raised in New Jersey, describes his ideal outing as asking his girlfriend to pack a light bag, then piloting a private plane to an exotic locale for dinner.

“I like the look of surprise on my date s face,” he says.

Now, that s amore!

The Bachelor, which debuts Oct. 2 on ABC, is set in a Borghese palazzi in Italy.

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