The Money List

George Lucas has the Force, all right. The “Star Wars” creator topped the list of celebrity moneymakers in 1999, pulling down more than twice as much as No. 2 breadwinner Oprah Winfrey, according to Forbes magazine. Lucas, whose “Star Wars: Episode I — The Phantom Menace” propelled him to the No. 1 spot, earned $400 million last year, putting him far ahead of Oprah, whose talk show and other ventures earned $150 million. Italy’s top clothing designer Giorgio Armani was ranked third with $135 million, followed by “Ally McBeal” and “The Practice” TV producer David E. Kelley, with $118 million. Tom Hanks ranked fifth, with $71.5 million. Interesting note: Jerry Seinfeld may be slapping down $40 million for a house, but he didn’t make the Forbes list this year. By contrast, he made $267 million in 1998, the final year of his sitcom.

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