The Littlest Beckham Break Dances in N.Y.C

Two-year-old Cruz steals the show during Monday's Spice Girls concert in Manhattan

This gives a whole new meaning to “Bend it Like Beckham.”

Cruz Beckham – the youngest son of Victoria and David Beckham – showed off some killer break-dancing moves Monday night during the Spice Girls concert at Madison Square Garden.

The impressive display came when Cruz – who turns 3 on Feb. 20 – and his two older brothers (along with assorted other Spice offspring) came onstage for the group’s performance of “Mama.”

In one video clip making the rounds on YouTube, Cruz is seen pop-locking, somersaulting and even attempting a headstand – as the crowd cheers wildly. (The Spice Girls, meanwhile, can hardly sing through their laughter.)

Afterward, his mom declares proudly, “the next Justin Timberlake.”

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