By Kate Hogan
June 09, 2015 03:00 PM
Jasmine Star Photography/The Knot

The bride wore Pnina Tornai – and a GoPro in her bouquet.

Samantha Carisch and Taylor Sinclair – the recipients of 2015’s TheKnot Dream Wedding – were married in at Chateau St. Jean in California wine country on Thursday in what was called “the most high-tech wedding ever.”

Though there were all the “traditional” touches – flowers, cake, bridesmaid dresses and a surprise performance by country singer Canaan Smith – the ceremony and reception also focused on the future, with 3D printed jewelry and accessories for the bride and her maids, a 3D printed cake topper, a drone videographer, a robot bartender, wearable rings and bracelets to track the wedding party’s moves and a livestream on

Though it sounds like a lot, it turned out to be just what the couple – picked from a pool of nearly 10,000 entrants – needed. Samantha’s mother, who suffers from multiple sclerosis, recently found out the colon cancer she beat last year returned, and was unable to attend the wedding. Watching her daughter get married “was the most important part to us,” Taylor said. “She watched us get ready, watched the ceremony,” Samantha added. Plus, the 360-degree coverage “gave us so many angles normal people don’t get to see.”

In a heartfelt Instagram post shared Monday, Samantha thanked readers, friends and family for their support. Sadly, her mother suffered another health setback the day after the wedding, so Samantha, who acts as her caretaker, returned to her side.

However, the couple has a lot to look forward to, including an upcoming six-night honeymoon in Tahiti, Moorea and Bora Bora, furnished by TheKnot, and, of course, married life.

“Our wedding was truly the most amazing day,” Samantha shared, “and we feel so lucky to have had so many people to share it with us!”

A view of the scenic wedding in Sonoma, California
Jasmine Star Photography/The Knot