Big Nik on the Keswanis' Newfound Fame: 'I'm There to Make Sure No One's Ego Gets Inflated'

The social media star chats about his family's new show with PEOPLE Now

Photo: Ramona Rosales

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The Keswanis – and everyone who knows them – always had a feeling they’d be a good fit for reality TV.

“There’s a lot of funny stuff in our family,” Nik Keswani, better known as "Big Nik" on Vine, told PEOPLE Now. “A lot of people have told us ‘You guys could be a show,’ and I’d say, ‘Well, if someone hits me up about it, sure!’ ”

And with their new web series on, The Keswanis: A Most Modern Family, those predictions are coming true.

The show – which features all five members of the not-so-normal family, including mom Vaishali, dad Anil, social media star Nik, budding beauty queen Sarina and transgender first-grader Devina – follows the crew as they navigate Nik’s impending departure for college, Sarina’s bikini photo shoots and pageants and Devina’s transition from male to female.

Their non-traditional nature has earned the Keswanis comparisons with another famous reality TV family, the Kardashians. But the Keswanis’ answer to Kris Jenner, “momager” Vaishali, says they’re completely different.

Not to mention, it’s the family’s first famous member, Vine star Big Nik, rather than Vaishali, who’s really running the show.

“He leads me and I follow,” Vaishali says.

And right now, Nik’s steering his family through this newfound world of fame. With nearly 3 million followers on Vine, he’s used to the attention – but for his younger sisters and parents, it’s new territory, particularly since the family is trying to tread carefully when it comes to Devina’s transition.

“She’s very young, and to be out there at such a young age, it can impact her life,” Nik says.

“But I feel like it’s good because we’re trying to spread a message,” he adds. “[We want] to make the world a little less trans-phobic.”

However, Nik’s second priority is making sure all this attention doesn’t go to his parents’ and siblings’ heads.

“The thing with sudden fame is that people get overwhelmed by it,” Nik says. “A lot of people develop really big egos. So I’m just there to make sure no one’s ego gets inflated.”

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