The Keswanis Are Officially the Cutest Family on Social Media: Here's Proof

There are plenty of birthday shout-outs, sweet snaps and family bonding to go around

Photo: Ramona Rosales

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The Keswani family may be new to fame – but they’re used to being public about their love for each other on social media.

The whole family – except for 6-year-old Devina – is active on everything from Instagram and Twitter to Vine, doling out compliments to each other and their followers. Here are some highlights:

Nik may get nervous about Sarina dating – and she may be waiting for him to catch to her on the maturity front – but deep down, the siblings are “partners in crime”

It’s little sister Devina, though, who gets the title of “best friend” – and No. 1 pillow fight competitor.

Sarina and “Doctor Dad” Anil really “get” each other – so obviously, he gets a social media shout-out, too.

But the Keswani kids aren’t the only ones who get in on the social media action.

Really, mom Vaishali is the unsung star of the Keswani family

Even Nik’s followers agree.

Outside of her popularity, her messages to her kids are super-sweet.

And like any avid social media user, she knows the value of a great #TBT.

Even Anil is on social media – and is a total dad.

But of course, his family loves it – as much as they love each other.

Count on the Keswanis to keep it cute.

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