September 26, 2001 11:23 AM

• Delta Air Lines announced a cut of up to 13,000 jobs Wednesday as the Bush administration prepared new security measures to coax skittish Americans back into the skies. To date, U.S. airlines and the aircraft maker Boeing have announced cuts totaling well over 100,000 jobs.

• In Washington, President Bush visited CIA headquarters at midday and delivered strong words of support for its director, George Tenet, despite the agency’s failure to warn of the attacks of Sept. 11. “I’ve got a lot of confidence in him, and I’ve got a lot of confidence in the CIA,” said Bush, “and so should America.”

• On Thursday, the president plans on being in Chicago, where he is expected to announce his administration’s new airline security proposals, including armed marshals on most if not all jetliners. Congressional leaders have said that they are eager to push through necessary legislation.

• Emergency crews worked through Tuesday night to dismantle a seven-story fragment of metal facade, all that remained standing of the World Trade Center. Late that afternoon, Lower Manhattan shook again, as it had on Sept. 11, though this time it was caused by wreckage crews blasting to bring down the structure.

• A portion of the World Trade Center wreckage is expected to be used in some type of future memorial, in much the same manner as a portion of the Alfred P. Murrah building has been incorporated into the Oklahoma City bombing memorial.

• New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani announced on Wednesday that single-occupant cars would be barred from entering Manhattan at certain times starting Thursday. The measure is meant to ease traffic congestion.

• Single-occupant passenger vehicles will be barred below 62nd Street between 6 a.m. and midnight, the mayor said, explaining that the restrictions were due in part to unspecified security concerns. He also said that they might help reduce traffic jams that have snarled the city since the Sept. 11 attack.

• The death toll from the World Trade Center attack rose by 13 people on Wednesday, to 300 confirmed dead, 232 of them positively identified. The number of people missing remained at 6,347.

• Security in the city was increased this week shortly before Attorney General John Ashcroft told Congress that terrorists might be planning an attack using a truck carrying hazardous chemicals. Asked if specific threats had been made against the city, Giuliani said: “Sometimes they’re credible, sometimes they’re not.”

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