The Hillary Saga: Vol. I

The first in what is expected to become an avalanche of new books about Hillary Rodham Clinton is hitting stores and online book retailers today. Gail Sheehy’s “Hillary’s Choice” paints a psychological profile of the First Lady that declares “Hillary’s addiction is Bill. He is her only rebellion, the one thing she can’t logically explain.” Sheehy, author of the ’70s pop-culture bestseller “Passages,” a general study about universal stages in a person’s life, in this new book calls President Clinton a classic philanderer, “a little boy who comes back after being bad and looks for Mother’s forgiveness. Hillary provides it.”

  • Among the book’s other claims, according to sources: Hillary smoked pot in college and she refused to speak to her husband for eight months over L’affaire Lewinsky — until she told Bill to bomb Kosovo. Mrs. Clinton has denied any use of drugs in her past and is denying all claims made in the book.
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