The set comes with a full set of Quidditch balls and a poster!

By People Staff
Updated February 23, 2016 10:00 AM

Do you know a Harry Potter fan whose life could become ever so slightly more magical?

If so, we have the perfect gift for them: Running Press’s new Harry Potter collectible Quidditch set, out in March. The company, which has produced numerous other Harry Potter gift sets, will be releasing the handsomely-packaged set March 22, and it’s every bit as whimsical and well-designed as you’d expect.

Featuring a Quaffle, two Beaters, a golden Snitch, a 16″x24″ poster,and a key to lock the trunk, the set is a great desk- or bedside addition to any Potter fan’s collection.

Sadly the Snitch doesn’t actually fly, but we have people working on that.