Bradley Cooper and Justin Bartha tell how to avoid that morning-after feeling

By Paul Chi
Updated June 09, 2009 07:15 AM
Stephen Lovekin/Getty

As The Hangover breezed its way to the top of the weekend’s box-office chart, leading men Bradley Cooper and Justin Bartha would like to offer audiences their own hit-and-miss cures for the morning after the night before.

“I was one of those stupid people that thought you could cure a hangover by exercise, which is the most nonsensical way,” Cooper, 34, tells PEOPLE. “I would just run and try to sweat it out. I thought it was logical to sweat out the toxins [when] in fact I was probably sweating out what I needed to put in my body.”

Naturally, the treatment never worked. “I just had to go through the hangover experience fully aware,” Cooper says.

Fortunately, the actor says he has never really gotten sick from drinking. “I’ve never blacked out, and I wasn’t the person that threw up. I see it as an asset, but everything had to work it s way through me and I always remembered everything. So it was the worst of both worlds.”

Cooper admits he’s also learned to steer clear from a certain green bottle of German liqueur. “No Jägermeister! Jägermeister killed me early on, and I went through a Jägermeister stage very fast.”

A Wet Solution

Bartha, 30, takes the opposite approach to cure a hangover – keep drinking.

“What works is having a beer and a Bloody Mary so you will be drunk again and you don t have to worry about having a hangover,” Bartha tells PEOPLE. “Maybe it s the celery in the Bloody Mary, but it works!”

Bartha, also known as the boyfriend of Ashley Olsen, loves to drink Scotch on the rocks and a dirty martini – and admits he’s the opposite of a mean drunk.

“I get unbearably lovable. It s hugging and making out,” he says. “I just get more loving than I already am.”

But don t expect the PDA to be immediate, ladies. “I ve got a high tolerance, so usually it takes about 15 drinks to get buzzed – so be prepared!”