The Guys of 'Supernatural'

After a season of slaying demons (and confronting the evil spirit that sent Mom bursting into flames), Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles are charged up for more paranormal adventures as brother tag-team Sam and Dean Winchester in the second season of horror series Supernatural (now on The CW). And this time they’ve got Dad working with them, played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan (who guest-starred as Grey’s Anatomy‘s heart-transplant cutie Denny Duquette). PEOPLE recently caught up with the Winchester men on the Vancouver set of their show to dish about their too-close encounter with bees and their real-life father-son dynamics.

What’s new this season?
Padalecki: We are going to meet some new hunters, and I know we will have kind of a halfway house of demon hunters. A lot of the Winchester boys’ craziness.

What is like to work as a father-son team?
Morgan: I don’t know of any two young actors who are quite as gracious and sweet and troublemaking as these two, so getting to work with them has been a real complete privilege. And, yes, I call them the fruit of my loins quite frequently (laughing). But, mostly, we are more like brothers.

What is the scariest thing that’s ever happened on set?


We did an episode called Bugs, and we had to be in a room with 60,000 bees. They were trained to be non-aggressive, but you know if you piss off a bee it’s going to sting you! I got stung and Jensen got stung. On the day (of the shoot), the bee wrangler says, “Well, they’re getting a little agitated.” I said, “Agitated, you didn’t say anything about being agitated!”

What’s the weirdest new urban legend you’ve heard because of the show?
Padalecki: I guess that would be the Talpo, which was in an episode called Hell House. The Talpo is a legend that feeds off and is created by rumors and the more people believe in it, it sort of comes true.

Where do you guys like to go to unwind?
Ackles: The Sutton Place bar Gerard’s is pretty much a staple for anyone who is shooting in town. They know us there and everyone is pretty friendly.

What kind of mischief do you guys get into off set?
Morgan: Stuff that I really can’t, unfortunately, talk about (laughs). Needless to say, we have a really good time together and spend a lot of time laughing up here, which is good when you are working these kind of hours.

Do you guys like ’70s metal as much as your characters?
Morgan: The ’70s metal is more my deal, but I think they like more the dance mix and techno, especially Jared – he really likes his techno pop (laughs). Jensen is the one with the record collection – Yanni, Barry Manilow.

What’s your favorite thing to do when you’re not working?
Ackles: I’ve picked up golf, believe it or not. I have been playing quite a bit and got stuck on it last year because Tom Welling kept bugging me to get out on the course with him. He’s a big golfer, and I am pretty competitive by nature. If Tom’s going to challenge me I better take him up on it.

Have you ever encountered any paranormal stuff outside of work?
Morgan: Just hanging out with Jensen. That is strange in itself (laughing). Jensen, I love you!

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