By peoplestaff225
Updated June 03, 1998 12:00 AM

Bryant Gumbel and his estranged wife, June, were in a New York courtroom, where on Tuesday a judge turned down her request to have CBS’s “The Early Show” host pay $250,000 for her legal fees. Her lawyer, Barry Slotnick, has already been paid $75,000 under a court order issued last year. Judge Mark C. Dillon told Slotnick he could petition for more money once the case ends, reports The New York Times. According to several reports, Gumbel, 52, is now making support payments of $18,000 a month. He also agreed to pay June $15,000 in court-ordered payments, including $6,500 for a new water system for the couple’s house and $5,000 for June’s personal trainer. Bryant, who is now living with his girlfriend Hillary Quinlan, his lawyer confirmed, reportedly earns $7 million a year from CBS. June had requested $10 million as a settlement, having claimed that Bryant’s net worth is twice that. In the very bitter and very public divorce, June referred to Bryant as a “serial adulterer” who had slept with 50 women during their 27 years of marriage.