Richard Drew/AP
May 06, 2016 03:00 PM

Some sons would be embarrassed if their mom joined Twitter, but not Jack Dorsey.

As one of the founders of the social media platform, Jack got his mom, Marcia, tweeting early.

“Both Jack’s dad and I are entrepreneurs with small businesses, so I was delighted to see Jack create Twitter and bring it to life,” Marcia tells PEOPLE. “And of course I was eager to send my first Tweet!”

Marcia joined Twitter in April 2006 – just one month after Jack sent the world’s first tweet – and she has since been dubbed “the grandmother of Twitter” and now corresponds regularly with her son in 140-character messages.

“It didn’t take any convincing,” Marcia says of creating an account. “It was easy for me to catch on. And 10 years later I still use it every day.”

Marcia – who enjoys tweeting a picture of the sunrise each morning – says it was no surprise to her that her son would be part of a team behind such a force in the social media world.

“Jack was a thoughtful and creative kid and those characteristics have stuck with him through the years,” she says. “Growing up, he was always fast to pick up on new technologies and loved experimenting with things and ideas. Trains were his favorite.”

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