The data comes from the new dating app The Grade

By Alex Heigl
Updated November 17, 2015 11:35 AM

Turns out there’s a lot more weighing on your online dating profile than just your attractiveness, the Facebook friends and interests you have in common with a prospective mate, and your clever use of the dancing lady emoji in your bio.

Your name, for example, can have a lot to do with how many matches you may or may not be receiving on the service. It may also determine, for example, who you end up matching with on said service. So the folks at The Grade – a new dating app that assigns users, well, a grade based on their profile quality, messaging behavior, and peer reviews – are revealing the most right-swiped names on their service.

They’re also revealing the most-matched name for each of those picks, which we guess is helpful in a statistics nerd kind of way? Nate Silver, is any of this interesting to you?

The top 10 “hottest female names,” according to the app, and their corresponding most-matched male names, are below.

1. Brianna (Sean)
2. Erika (Joe)
3. Lexi (Chris)
4. Brooke (Mike)
5. Vanessa (Tyler)
6. April (Tom)
7. Natalie (Jonathan)
8. Jenna (Joseph)
9. Molly (Christopher)
10. Katie (Eddie)

And here are the “hottest male name” counterparts:

1. Brett (Jessica)
2. Tyler (Jennifer)
3. Corey (Amy)
4. Andy (Maria)
5. Noah (Elizabeth)
6. Shane (Taylor)
7. Jeffrey (Michelle)
8. Rob (Sarah)
9. Frank (Stephanie)
10. Jeff (Emily)

So hey, if you’re a Sean looking for an Emily – or a Jessica looking for her Brett – we’re happy to have helped provide you with the ammunition you need to make this work. Or if you’ve been sitting on those name-change forms for a long time, just needing a reason, we’re happy to have given you one.