The Gosselin Poll: Weigh In on Fresh Episodes of 'Jon & Kate Plus Eight'

Are Jon and Kate better off spending time a part? Which kid had the cutest line? Vote on these questions and more

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In new episodes of Jon amp Kate Plus Eight aired Monday, the Gosselins were apart more than they were together. Jon spent Kate's birthday snowboarding in Utah while his wife celebrated with the kids in Pennsylvania. Later, Kate took their daughter Madelyn to San Diego while Jon stayed home with the other seven kids. "Sometimes you'll see Kate and I interview separately. Sometimes you'll see us interview together," Jon said. "It depends how things are going. We have busy schedules."

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Taking care of eight kids is not an easy job – especially for a self-described neat freak like Kate, who famously scrubbed her floors three times a day and had trouble finding a housekeeper up to her standards. In Monday's new episodes, Kate did no cleaning and was filmed wearing more makeup, in oversized sunglasses and getting a pedicure with her daughter.

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Last week, a spokesman for the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry confirmed that their bureau of labor law compliance is conducting an investigation of Jon amp Kate Plus Eight to ensure TLC is complying with child labor laws. "TLC fully complies with all applicable laws and regulations," the network said in a statement.

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