Moms and social media always make for a hilarious combination — just ask these stars

Credit: Courtesy Chrissy Teigen

Social media is a great place to connect with people, learn more about the world — and share all of the weird, hilarious and embarrassing things that your mom has done that week.

And since celebrities are just like us — but with bigger social media followings — even they can’t resist showcasing some of the stranger things that their mothers have gotten up to. Remember, moms of the world: We only do it because we love you. (And because it’s guaranteed to get us plenty of likes.)

1. Chrissy Teigen and Her Mother’s Epic Sausage Saga
Obviously the funniest woman on Twitter would have an equally hilarious mother. The supermodel and cookbook author chronicled her attempts to make homemade sausage alongside her mother, Vilailuck, on Snapchat, in all of its hilarious, disgusting glory. After comparing her mother’s valiant attempt to an episode of Seinfeld, Teigen finally lost her patience when Vilailuck decided to hang the finished sausages from her daughter’s kitchen lights overnight.

Credit: Source: Chrissy Teigen/Snapchat

“Mom I swear to God, I’m gonna f—— kill you. Why is there sausage on my lights?!” said Teigen, alternating between laughter and rage throughout the process.

Oh, and did we mention that the sausage saga continued into the next day, when Vilailuck’s attempts to smoke her prized links almost burned the house down?

May Teigen and her mother always chronicle their culinary adventures — both successful and sitcom-worthy — on social media.

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2. When Reese Witherspoon’s Mom Tried to Get the Inside Scoop
What’s the point of having an Oscar-winning daughter if she’s not going to help you win your Oscar pool? At least that’s what Witherspoon’s mother, Betty, was thinking when she texted the Big Little Lies star in 2016, asking for help in making her final picks.

“Reese, I need to know who will win best picture and best actress?,” her mother wrote. “Oscar party and I want to win money!” Unfortunately for Betty, Witherspoon was unable to help, captioning the photo “Anyone know?” along with a series of crying laughing emojis.

3. Aziz Ansari’s Mom Doesn’t Get Drake
It’s a well-documented fact that Drake loves moms — but it turns out that not all moms love Drake. After Ansari’s mother complained that he didn’t text her enough, the comedian came up with the ingenious plan to text her Drake gifs to make up for it. She was … less than impressed.

(Sorry, Drake. We still love you, if it’s any consolation.)

4. Tina Lawson Reveals that Even She is Inspired By Beyoncé …
Just because you gave birth to the Queen Bey herself, that doesn’t mean that you can’t also look up to her. Case in point: Tina Lawson, who revealed on Instagram that her trainer texts her pictures of Beyoncé to discourage her from eating tacos.

Not going to lie, getting a picture of Beyoncé every morning would keep us inspired to be our best selves, too.

5. … and Channels Her Famous Daughters For a Photo Shoot

What do you do when your daughters release two of the most iconic, record-breaking, critically-acclaimed albums of the year? You bust out your accessories and show everyone just how proud of them you are!

Well, there’s our Halloween costume for next year, sorted. We’re going to be Miss Tina dressed as Beyoncé.

6. Mandy Moore’s Mom Isn’t a Fan of Her This Is Us Character
Yes, even Moore’s parents were obsessed with the tear-jerking juggernaut of the year, but while most of us were still sobbing into our couch cushions, the star’s mother had a few suggestions for how Rebecca could sort out her life …

Mother knows best — even when she’s mothering a TV character.

7. When the Kardashians’ Wine Tasting Got a Little Too Turnt
There are many benefits to going on a wine tasting with your mother, but perhaps none of them fill you (and your followers) with as much joy as getting to post videos of your tipsy mom on social media. Right, Khloé?

Squad goals, indeed. It is truly our greatest dream in life to go wine tasting with Kris Jenner. Thank you, Khloé and Kourtney, for making that dream come true in this tiny way.