President Obama reveals fun facts about Bo – such as where he will (and won't) sleep

By Kristin Boehm
Updated April 15, 2009 08:30 AM
Larry Downing/Reuters/Landov

Dragging Michelle Obama behind him, First Dog Bo bounded onto the White House South Lawn Tuesday followed by Malia, Sasha and the President as the family introduced the black-and-white Portuguese water dog to a herd of photographers.

“That’s a good-looking dog,” Barack Obama declared about the bushy-haired 6-month-old puppy as the First Family petted, hugged and cooed at Bo. “He’s a star – he’s got star quality.”

He’s also got some things to learn. “He doesn’t know how to swim,” Sasha exclaimed. “They have to be taught,” Obama replied. “They have webbed feet, you know, for herding fish for the Portuguese fishermen.”

Other Bo bits learned from the President: He is neutered, everyone will take turns walking him, he’s got a dog house (“his own spot”) and will be allowed in the Oval Office, of course, but there will be limits on where he sleeps.

“Not in my bed,” announced the commander-in-chief.