The music world lost a lyrical genius on Thursday with the untimely death of Prince, the iconic singer-songwriter and seven-time Grammy winner who was known not only for his outlandish fashion, but also his penchant for penning critically acclaimed music.

As we mourn the loss of the iconic performer, we’re rounding up a handful of his most memorable songs (and accompanying lyrics) that you should add to your playlist (that is, if you haven’t done so already.)

Purple Rain

“I never wanted to be your weekend lover/I only wanted to be some kind of friend/Baby, I could never steal you from another/It’s such a shame our friendship had to end”

When Doves Cry

“Dream if you can a courtyard/An ocean of violets in bloom/Animals strike curious poses/They feel the heat/The heat between me and you”

Little Red Corvette

“I guess I should of closed my eyes/When you drove me to the place/Where your horses run free/’Cause I felt a little ill/When I saw all the pictures/Of the jockeys that were there before me”

Sign o’ the Times

“It’s silly, no?/When a rocket ship explodes and everybody still wants to fly/But some say a man ain’t happy unless a man truly dies/Oh why?”


“Everything you do is success/Make the rules (Rules)/Then break them all ’cause you are the best”

The Most Beautiful Girl in the World

“When the day turns into the last day of all time/I can say, I hope you are in these arms of mine”


“‘Cuz they say two thousand zero zero party over/Oops out of time/So tonight I’m gonna party like it’s 1999”