Movie theater operators got the first public glimpse of a scene from the final film of the late Stanley Kubrick — 90 seconds of a naked Tom Cruise passionately kissing and caressing a naked Nicole Kidman while the soundtrack blares a bluesy Chris Isaak song with the lyrics, “Very bad, bad things.” The racy segment of “Eyes Wide Shut” shown at the ShoWest convention this week was personally selected by the famed and idiosyncratic director, who died Sunday at age 70. After it was screened, there was a brief moment of silence in the cavernous hall before the crowd of more than 3,000 applauded warmly. “It’s short. It’s provocative,” Warner Bros. chairman and co-CEO Terry Semel said. The movie starring the Hollywood couple is set for a July 16 release. Thursday’s “Today” show debuted the preview but blurred out Nicole’s breasts and tushy. Tom was only seen from the waist up.

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