'The Breakfast Club' Origins: How 'The Brat Pack' Got Its Name (VIDEOS)

Ally Sheedy also reveals what she's proudest of in the film

Photo: Everett Collection

The Breakfast Club turns 30 this year. The cruelly inevitable passage of time aside, we’re in the golden age of nostalgia, which means that the wave of memories around the film’s birthday is deep and wide and all-consuming.

Universal just released The Breakfast Club 30th Anniversary Edition on Blu-ray , including Digital HD with UltraViolet and DVD. The film’s extensive collection of extras includes the above clip, detailing how the film’s collection of young, talented actors came to be dubbed “The Brat Pack.”

And more important, the features include Ally Sheedy‘s recollection of her favorite contribution to the film.

Sheedy discovered the David Bowie quote that opens the film. She apparently mentioned it to director John Hughes, who included it in the film without even telling her he’d done so.

source: imgur.com

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