Watch Five Guys Play 'Billie Jean' with Beer Bottles

The Bottle Boys have also covered "Call Me Maybe" and "Party Rock Anthem"


People always told us, be careful what you do. Don’t go around breaking bottles.

And that goes double when you’re playing Michael Jackson songs on them.

The Bottle Boys have made something of a cottage industry out of covering different songs using an assortment of bottles. And we have to say, it’s pretty impressive. Their birdlike head movements as they dart around crates of specially pitched bottles are, well, breathtaking (no pun intended), though they failed to fit in a moonwalk. (The sound is more than a little reminiscent of Peruvian flute bands, though, don’t you think?)

The Bottle Boys write that they are “insanely busy with a lot of concerts (a lot of them abroad) mainly because of our YouTube videos, and for that we are truly grateful.” If you’re in the market for more bottle-based music, you can keep up with the Bottle Boys on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Next, we’d like to see one of them tackle Eddie Van Halen’s guitar solo on “Beat It.”

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