The Boss Wins Legal Fight

Bruce Springsteen won a battle against music pirates Thursday when a London judge blocked the release of an unauthorized collection of songs recorded early in his career. The rocker argued that release of “Before the Fame” would damage his artistic integrity, because the songs don’t meet his high standards. “I came over here to defend the ownership of my music,” Springsteen said outside the courtroom. “It’s something I fought for since I was young, and I’m really satisfied.” London-based Masquerade Music said it had a license for the songs (recorded between 1972-74) from Jim Cretecos, a member of Springsteen’s former management team who claimed to own the rights. But Judge Francis Ferris ruled that Springsteen owned the 19 songs and ordered Masquerade to pay his legal costs, estimated at $825,000. Springsteen is involved in a parallel case in the U.S. with two other companies.

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