Here are four possibilities for who could play the Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner characters

By People Staff
Updated February 24, 2011 03:10 PM
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Can anyone fill Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner’s shoes?

That’s the question Warner Brothers is asking as it prepares to remake The Bodyguard, the runaway 1992 hit about a Secret Service agent drafted to protect a singing diva who’s being hunted by a stalker.

The story will change slightly for the remake, with the agent now being an Iraq war veteran who gets the bodyguard job shortly after leaving the service. But the challenge is the same – finding two lead actors with the chemistry to make it work.

No casting decisions have been made yet, but a few intriguing pairings could be: Channing Tatum and Rihanna; Jennifer Lopez and the Rock; Mark Wahlberg and Beyoncé; and 50 Cent and Carrie Underwood.

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