'The Blind Side' 's Quinton Aaron Kicked Off Plane for Filling Two Seats

The actor vows to lose weight after "embarrassing" exit from his flight

Photo: Gregg DeGuire/WireImage

Quinton Aaron, best known as football star “Big Mike” Oher in The Blind Side, is tackling his weight problems after being booted from a flight for being too big.

The 6’8″ 550 lb. actor was recently kicked off a US Airways flight bound for Rochester, N.Y., for taking up an extra economy seat. And the experience, the actor, 29, says, served as a huge wake up call. He’s now vowing to lose the weight.

With no seats in first class – his typical mode of airline transportation – the actor took up two in economy on his connecting flight from Philadelphia.

“As I saw the seats, I’m literally hoping that no one had to sit next to me because I knew it wasn’t going to work if they did,” Aaron told ABC News.

Aaron took the dismissal in stride. “I just grabbed my bag and just got off as quick as possible because it was embarrassing,” he said. Aaron was eventually re-booked on another flight.

And like his Blind Side character, Aaron (who founded an anti-bullying foundation in 2012) is looking forward to hitting the goal line.

“I live in California. I want to go to the beach in the summertime with a tank top on and have girls chasing me down the beach one day,” he said.

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