The Big Annulment

The bad fairy tale is scheduled to come to an end tomorrow. That’s when “Who Wants to Marry a Multi-Millionaire” bride Darva Conger, 34, is due to step inside Family Court in Las Vegas in order to annul her marriage to, uh, oh, what was his name? Oh, yes: Rick Rockwell, 42. Conger filed for the annulment March 7, saying her marriage to the man she met on the Feb. 15 Fox TV special was a mistake and that she was never properly informed about his “history of problems with women.” Among the revelations, a former girlfriend of the sometime stand-up comic and purported real estate developer charged Rockwell in 1991 with allegedly hitting her and threatening her life. Rockwell denied the charges on TV. Family Court Judge Steven E. Jones will no doubt hear it all again on Wednesday.

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