See which of the songs you were humming all year turned out to be lip sync sensations

Love watching The Voice and American Idol, but can’t hit the high notes? Don’t fret, the Internet has a place for you.

Lip dubs allow performers to belt it to their favorite songs without ever straining their vocal cords, which means more room for choreography.

Each year brings dozens of new lip dubs, and 2014 was no different. From Taylor Swift to Frozen, frat houses, high schools and daddy-daughter duos all tried to create the perfect lip-sync video.

Here are our choices for this year’s best mouth movers and booty shakers. Now, turn it up and sing along – or not.

We think even the haters would have trouble finding anything to hate about this near-perfect dude rendition of Swift’s hit.

In a time when everyone was making Frozen videos, this daddy-daughter duo dared to be different.

Gal understands one cannot simply lip-sync a song, one must become the song as well.

"Your Love Is My Drug" by a group of veterans

Whether you are a bearded war hero or a 12-year-old girl, Kesha can bring out the inner pop star in just about anyone.

"Geronimo" by Bret and his proposal flash mob

It wouldn’t be a successful year in viral videos without an over-the-top, teary-eyed, flash mob proposal, right?

"Love Is an Open Door" by Navy baseball players

Just two bros, lip-syncing about love, while their friend sits awkwardly in the back.

Music medley by Avon High School

Your school had field day – today’s high schools have massive, costumed, choreographed showcases that go viral. No big deal.

"Wake Me Up" by North Hills High School

It’s another school-wide, lip dub party – this time, a mid-song rave.

"Brave" by Souderton High School

Two lip-syncing favorites come together in this clip: huge high school sing-alongs and Sara Bareilles’s inspiring song "Brave."

"Be True to Your School" by Montgomery High School

Sensing a trend, Macy’s put on the “$50,000 All-School Lip Dub Challenge.” Montgomery’s submission, our personal favorite, snagged second place. See the first place winners here.

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