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October 02, 2015 11:45 AM

While much of the East Coast is hunkering down in preparation for the heavy rain due from Hurricane Joaquin, the Internet is having a field day with the storm’s namesake.

The Category 4 storm shares its unique moniker with actor Joaquin Phoenix – and social media users have taken notice.

From memes to potshots at the star’s up-and-down career, Phoenix’s mug is popping up at the eye of the storm and all over Twitter.

But why Joaquin? The World Meteorological Organization uses a list of male and female names on a six-year rotation for Atlantic Hurricanes. So, for example, the 2015 list of pre-determined titles will be used again in 2021.

Each storm brings new creativity (in 2016 we could face hurricanes Earl, Hermine or Tobias), but for now, Joaquin has the market cornered on natural disaster humor.

The New York Police Department kicked things off with a bang: their meme shows the changing faces of Phoenix as the storm changes speed.

Other memes paired the Her star with weather tracker photos.

Then there were the inevitable jokes about Phoenix’s foray into rapping for the mockumentary I’m Still Here.

Others laughed about the shared-name’s impact on Phoenix’s career.

While some Twitter users were just not on board for the storm jokes.

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