The film has been restored from an original negative, and its soundtrack remixed and remastered
Credit: Courtesy Gunther/MPTV

Yesterday, the Beatles‘ best movie seemed so far away.

But come July, it looks as though it’ll be here to stay. (For a limited time, anyway.)

Janus Films has just announced that the Beatles’ 1964 classic A Hard Day’s Night has been digitally restored from the film’s original negative, and the soundtrack remixed and remastered.

The new, polished version of the film will be broadcast July 4 in London and select cities in the U.S. – it premiered earlier this month at the TCM Classic Movie Film Festival in Hollywood.

The film – which is hilarious, charming and completely worth your time, if you haven’t seen it – is a lighthearted “dramatization” of several days in the group’s life at the height of Beatlemania. Shot for just $500,000, it went on to gross more than $12 million. It was nominated for two Oscars: one for Alun Owen and Walter Shenson’s script, and another for George Martin’s score.

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