10 Reasons JoJo Will Be the Ultimate Bachelorette

This is her destiny

Photo: ABC

Sure, we were all sad when Ben sent a brokenhearted JoJo home in the back of a limo, but we knew as she left Jamaica, she would move on to better things.

Like the next season of The Bachelorette, which she’ll be starring in this summer.

It may have been heartbreaking to watch, but JoJo is on to her true destiny as the Bachelorette – here’s just a few of the reasons why she’ll be perfect.

1. She’s fun.
And never boring.


2. Her brothers will guarantee drama.
With JoJo’s ultra-protective brothers grilling her top two, this Bachelorette season finale will undoubtedly be the craziest yet.

3. We get to see more of her Mom
And she’s hopefully doing a lot of this.


4. She’s got great style.
And was always the sartorial highlight of any rose ceremony.

5. She isn’t afraid to fall in love.
As evidenced the many times she and Ben said “I love you.”

6. She asks the tough questions.
When Ben said “I love you, JoJo,” she followed up with, “Are you allowed to say that?” which, to be honest, we were all wondering, too.

7. She’s a fan favorite.
As clearly proven on Twitter last night.

In fact, 94 percent of Twitter users tweeting about The Bachelor were #TeamJoJo on Monday night, according to social media firm ListenFirst Media, which tracked the tweets.

8. She does well in a crisis.
And even maintains her picture-perfect blowout.


9. She doesn’t take crap from her exes.
Looking at you, Chad.


10. She’s lovable.
Just ask the rest of America – and Ben!

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