Forget Lace – this is the girl you have to watch out for

By Diana Pearl
Updated January 12, 2016 01:20 PM
Credit: Craig Sjodin/ABC

Lace may have captivated us on the premiere of The Bachelor, but as Monday night’s episode showed us, it’s 23-year-old Olivia Caridi who is this season’s biggest threat.

Not only is Olivia intense in her pursuit of a rose, she’s successful, too: She’s the only contestant who has received two pre-rose ceremony roses, she’s off-the-charts compatible with Ben and she’s already making enemies in the Bachelor mansion.

Here, just a few of the reasons why Olivia is capturing Ben’s heart, other girls’ hate – and becoming the one to watch this season.

1. She got the First Impression Rose.
All right, so this is old news, but as the competition heats up, it’s important to remember: Whoever get the first impression rose usually sticks around for a while.

2. She and Ben are seriously compatible.
For a fun and not at all intimidating first date, Ben took a group of the ladies to a “love lab” to test their compatibility. After a round of head-scratching tests, it seems science says that Ben and Olivia are a practically perfect match: She scored an ultra-high 7.42 out of 10 – compare that to Sam’s 2.42. And yes, Sam went home that night, so clearly, these “statistics” mean something to Ben. Even further proof of the faith Ben puts in the science of love? Olivia snagged the date’s rose, too.

3. She’s never had to suffer through the nerve-racking uncertainty of a rose ceremony.
So she got the first impression rose and she got a date rose. We’ve only had two episodes so far, but Olivia’s still set herself up for quite a streak.

4. She’s not here to make friends.
Or at least, it sure doesn’t seem like it! After Olivia received her date rose, she couldn’t resist stealing Ben away at the pre-rose ceremony cocktail party – even though there were girls who hadn’t had a chance for any one-on-one time with Ben throughout the episode. So needless to say the move is already making her pretty unpopular with her roommates.

5. She’s confident – and a little entitled.
After last night, there’s little doubt that Olivia is in it to win it. When the one-on-one date card arrived, she was sure that it was going to her (and got pretty pissed when it went to Caila). And when Ben asked if she was surprised by her super high compatibility score, she told him point blank, that no, she wasn’t, because obviously, she can feel their chemistry. A few of her confessional quotes? “Ben’s my man at this point Olivia Higgins. It’s mine. Come on, let’s just end the show now.” Oh, and she called herself “wifey.” Clearly, this girl knows what she wants (Ben) and thinks she deserves to get it. And in a house full of insecurity and nerves, this kind of crazy confidence will just make her stand out.

6. She may be a future Bachelorette.
Even if things don’t work out with Ben, this may not be the last we see of Olivia. During Bachelor Live, former Bachelor Chris Soules said she reminded him of Britt – a.k.a. the almost Bachelorette. If the series pulls off that two Bachelorettes stunt again, perhaps it could be Olivia and Britt vying to dole out roses next season?

7. She gets very, very excited.
And has a tendency to make this face.

Who would want to mess with that?