By Stephen M. Silverman
Updated April 26, 2002 10:00 AM

“The Bachelor” remains single. Alex Michel, the 31-year-old Harvard grad star of ABC’s much-discussed, five-week reality series (which held a two-hour finale Thursday night), selected Amanda Marsh from the pool of 25 women who jockeyed for the chance to marry him. But all he did was flash the Harry Winston diamond engagement ring at her — he didn’t place it on her finger. Rather than ask Marsh, 23 and from Kansas, to marry him, he asked her to move to California and shack up with him. “Before we walk down the aisle together, I want to make sure we feel the same way about each other outside the fancy world of mansions and limousines,” he said. Marsh cried, threw her arms around him and agreed, noted the Associated Press. (“Cupid turned stupid,” blasted New York’s Daily News in its headline to a review ripping apart the finale, which it called “a real turn-off.”) Michel selected Marsh, an event planner, over the other finalist, Trista Rehn, a physical therapist and dancer for the NBA’s Miami Heat. “You have made my heart race since the first day,” he told Rehn, 29. “But I don’t think we’re meant to spend our lives together.” She glared at him and later cried as she was driven away in a limo. That marriage probably wouldn’t have worked out.