The second season of the Trump show premieres Thursday, and there are plenty to hate

By Stephen M. Silverman
September 09, 2004 08:20 AM

With the second season of NBC’s The Apprentice kicking off Thursday night, the question is: Now that Omarosa’s gone, who can we hate?

That depends on who’s pointing the finger. Stacie J., a fashion model turned Subway restaurant owner, has The New York Times’ vote among the ambitious 18 candidates jockeying for a $250,000-a-year job with Donald Trump.

New York’s Daily News divides its loyalty to loathe among four players: “arrogant” Bradford, “garish” Maria and the “Machiavellian” Andy and Pamela.

The Associated Press has its questions about the seemingly benign Raj, a real estate developer from Philadelphia “who affects a dandyish sartorial style likened by a rival to Rodney Dangerfield’s in Caddyshack,” while the New York Post suggests that viewers may hate all the contestants.

The show reportedly makes no mention of Trump’s financially shaky empire; his New Jersey casinos plan to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, a move that the 58-year-old, self-proclaimed tycoon has shrugged off as a minor bump.

Still, even with one season under his belt, the carefully coifed Donald apparently isn’t any better at reading cue cards, the Daily News reports.

Trump executive George H. Ross and Carolyn Ketcher are also back onboard, as is last year’s winner, Bill Rancic – and, as several critics have pointed out, some shameless product placement, thanks to Levi’s, Crest, Mars and Mattel.