Laila Ali, at 21 (and 5’10” and 160 pounds) the second-youngest of the former heavyweight champion Muhammad Ali’s nine children, is working out daily and hopes to be ready for her first professional fight this summer. “She’s very much like her dad: She’s aggressive, very sure of herself, very confident,” said NormaLynn Cutler, the younger Ali’s publicist. “She also has an offbeat sense of humor like her father. She’s extremely charming, and if I had to use one word, I’d say focused or determined, one word or the other.” Cutler said Ali will probably fight for the first time in August and is getting tips from her famed father. She won’t tell anyone, including me, what they are,” Cutler said. “She says, ‘When I have the greatest boxer of all time as my mentor, why would I want to share the secrets he’s given me?'”

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