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May 06, 2016 03:00 PM

There is nothing, NOTHING worse than sending the wrong text to the wrong person except maybe talking on the phone? Yeah, talking on the phone is worse.


But still, accidental texts are humiliating. Here are 11 of the most cringe-worthy texts ever sent to the wrong person.

“I was really exhausted and bored at work one rainy day so I texted my girlfriend at the time: ‘I just want hot chocolate and snuggles.’ A few weeks later I needed to text my boss about a meeting when I noticed the last text I sent him said: ‘I just want hot chocolate and snuggles.’ I went in and copped to it, but he played dumb and pretended like it never happened.”


“I was texting my best friend about some girlfriend issues at the time. I said something to the effect of, ‘It feels like I’m just waiting for her to break up with me.’ I accidentally sent it to said girlfriend. She was currently in the same room as me. I watched as she looked at her phone, looked at me, then took me outside and broke up with me.”


“I sent two pictures of my penis to my cousin when I meant to send them to my girlfriend at the time. One after another in quick succession, then I noticed the name and watched in horror as both pictures sent.”

“The most embarrassing for me was actually one that I received. I had a second date with a girl, and a few hours before the date, she texted me, ‘What ever happened to the guys who give us butterflies?’ She texted back saying it was not meant for me, then stood me up.”

“I sent this to my landscaper: ‘Can’t wait to see you tonight, my love.’ His (classic) reply: ‘That will be an extra $40, my friend.'”


“My wife sent me a text message asking what I wanted for dinner. I had forgot that we were having the family over for dinner that night. I sent her a pic of my ‘gentleman veggies,’ so to speak, and asked her if she wanted that for dinner. I sent it to her entire family because I neglected to see it was a group text. I thought about driving into oncoming traffic that night on my way home from work.”

“I texted my boss, ‘Are you ready to go, you sushi slut?’ I meant to text it to my friend because I was picking her up to go get sushi for dinner.”


“When I found out my wife was cheating on me, I hired a private investigator later that day. He asked me to text him a picture of her so he would know what she looks like. I accidentally texted her with ‘this is her’ with the picture. Oops.”

“‘Say hi to your mom for me.’ It was supposed to go to my wife who was having lunch with her mom, instead I sent it to my friend whose mom had died two days prior.”


“I sent my mom a gif of a guy being spanked on accident. The worst part is she texted me first to thank me for the ‘cute butt pic,’ then texted me a few seconds later excitedly when it loaded fully and started moving because she had never seen a gif before. ‘Oh! It moves! A little movie!!!’ So I got to introduce my mom to the wonderful world of gifs, sexting and my love of spanking in one fell swoop.”

“I was driving to a KC Chiefs game with friends. They all are recounting their crazy sex stories. I text my wife, ‘We should have some crazy sex today.’ Somehow it went to a female friend of mine instead. Her boyfriend was playing Angry Birds at the time, so he saw it first. It was uncomfortable.”

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