Texas Mom Breaks Facebook Record with Chewbacca Mask Video

Candace Payne is the Internet's newest viral sensation.


A random purchase put this Texas mom on the fast track to Internet stardom.

On Thursday, Candace Payne, a Dallas mother of two, took to Facebook sharing a video of herself in a recently purchased Chewbacca mask, as she laughs hysterically at the voice features in the toy.

“It’s the simple joys in life .,” she captioned the clip.

According to the BBC, the Facebook Live video has broken the record as the most-watched video on the platform ever. Since it was originally posted, it has viewed over 69 million times.

“That’s just crazy,” Payne, 37, told the news organization. “I’m just laughing – in all honesty, that is ridiculous. I’ve looked at the number of views and it just seems like someone is just playing with a calculator.”

A Buzzfeed produced video that showed a watermelon exploding previously held the record for the most viewed. It gained over 10 million views.

The clip largely consists of Payne laughing at herself in the mask and she told the BBC that what made it so funny was how happy the Star Wars character looked.

“I could see myself in the camera, and I saw this view and I could not stop laughing at how gleeful Chewbacca looked,” she said. “I thought, ‘Chewbacca’s found his joy!'”

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