Parents dropped their kids off at the bus stop on Wednesday with confidence, knowing that David Cooke was behind the wheel

By Caitlin Keating
Updated September 02, 2015 03:35 PM

When a parent lets their son or daughter board the school bus, they’re putting their child’s safety in the hands of the driver.

On Tuesday, a Crosby, Texas, school bus driver proved he’s willing to go above and beyond his job description.

When veteran bus driver David Cooke arrived at one of his stops to let children off, he opened the big yellow doors, but sensed something wasn’t right, according to KTRX.

It was then that an erratic woman stormed onto the bus and threatened to bite Cooke.

According to surveillance video, Cooke stopped the crazed woman from entering the bus, telling her, ‘You’ve gotta go. There are kids on this bus, you’ll get arrested.”

Cooke blocked the doorway as he instructed one of the kids to get ready to close the door.

He not only protected the students with his quick thinking and rapid action, he was also able to drive them all home after the incident.

“He brings back my child in one piece, a happy piece. He did exactly what every parent would want their school bus driver to do to keep their kids safe. So I’m very thankful for Mr. Cooke,” Heather, a mother of a 5-year-old who on the bus with Cooke, told the news outlet.