Tess Holliday Responds to Accusations of Scamming People Who Bought Her Branded Merchandise

"The idea that I would willfully defraud the people who have supported me along the way [ ] is so upsetting," said Tess Holliday

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Tess Holliday is defending her “Eff Your Beauty Standards” branded merchandise sales after a Reddit chain was started accusing her of withholding money promised to charity, as well as not delivering her products.

“In November 2014, hundreds of her loyal fans purchased shirts with her ‘EYBS’ branding emblazoned on them, under the impression that a portion of the proceeds would be donated to a domestic violence charity,” wrote user wizardess.

“Not only did hundreds of fans NEVER receive their shirts/merchandise, but not a single cent went to charity,” the user claimed.

Holliday, 30, responded to the criticisms in a statement to Refinery29.

“My mother and I are both victims of [domestic violence],” she said. “The idea that I would willfully defraud the people who have supported me along the way, and a charity that touches on my own family’s struggles, is so upsetting.”

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Holliday does admit she was unable to keep up with orders, and takes responsibility for some customers not receiving the merchandise they paid for.

“The system we were using just didn’t work,” she said, attributing missing merchandise to “one big batch that was lost by the post office” and “usual business discrepancies.”

The size-22 model says she was unable to make the charity donation she promised after paying “thousands and thousands of dollars” to a shipping and distribution center to ensure issues with merchandise would be resolved, which “ate up what little [was] left of the profits.”

“The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence is aware of what happened, and thankfully were very understanding,” she said, adding that she has given a “substantial contribution” to the organization, and will also be volunteering at the Los Angeles Downtown Women’s Center.

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