Terry Bradshaw: Tony Romo Was Crazy to Go to Mexico

The former QB and football commentator has some love advice for Jessica Simpson's beau

Photo: Clasos/Splash News Online; Inset:Margaret Norton/NBC

Football Hall of Famer Terry Bradshaw is sounding more like Carrie Bradshaw these days than the host of NFL Sunday.

The 59 year-old, four-time Super Bowl Champion dished Tony Romo some unsolicited advice in an interview with the Fort Worth Star-Telegram on Friday. “If only Tony had called me and said, ‘Terry, Jessica [Simpson] and I are going to go to Mexico,’ I would’ve told him: ‘You crazy? Don’t do that! The paparazzi is going to find you, man. You’re a star. She’s a star. It’s just going to happen.’ ”

Bradshaw added: “No way that I would ever, ever do what Tony did. I mean, I can have my picture taken with movie stars when the season is over.”

Simpson is reportedly skipping Romo’s play-off game against the Giants in Dallas Sunday.
– Juliana Bunim

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