'Terminator,' 'Croc Dundee' Redux

Arnold Schwarzenegger, 52, is polishing up his android metal for a third installment of his and filmmaker James Cameron’s mega-successful “Terminator” series. “A script is being written as we speak,” Arnie told New York’s Daily News, adding that Cameron will produce. “If he will direct it or not, I don’t know yet because he never makes up his mind until the script is all done and perfect.” Schwarzenegger also said that he and Cameron (“Titanic”) are planning a sequel to their 1994 action comedy “True Lies.” Meanwhile, Aussie actor Paul Hogan, 59, is also reprising his most famous role: the knife-wielding, bush country adventurer Crocodile Dundee, for “Crocodile Dundee 3.” Variety reports he’ll begin shooting Down Under in August along with Linda Kozlowski, whom Hogan married after meeting on the set of the original 1986 “Dundee.” The storyline reportedly has Dundee going to Hollywood.

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